How to Enable 2-step verification for Google Accounts Step-by-step picture

Today Google enable 2-step verification for all account, and here is step-by-step setup your account to enable 2-step verification for your account. Hit Picture after Jump Break ( Click for larger image)
1. Go to ManageAccount
2. Click to Using 2-step verification 
3. Form Setup
4. Click Setup 2-step verification
5. Chose kind of phone : Iphone, Android, BlackBerry  6: Go to your Mobile download software Google Authenticator

7. Click next

8. In your mobile open Google Authenticator and tap to "+" 9. Click Scan Barcode and use camera scan your barcode in computer
10. In your computer click Next , Input code to box and click Verify.
11. Click Next if you see "Your Iphone (android , blackberry..... ect.) device is configured" 12. Click Next to backup code for your computer
13. Copy your code and click to check box " yes, i have ..........." then click next.

14. Input your Mobile phone and verifier, click Next

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