Wordpress.Com Down including Techcrunch

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Today blogs on Wordpress.com and Website hosted on Wordpress VIP hosting program went don unexpectedly. The downtime lasted for almost 2 hours and finally services were restored to normal. This is one of the biggest outage for Wordpress.com hosted sites recently.

According to official blog announcement :

Today WordPress.com was down for approximately 110 minutes, our worst downtime in four years. The outage affected 10.2 million blogs, including our VIPs, and appears to have deprived those blogs of about 5.5 million page views.

According to Techcrunch because of this outage almost 10.2 million blogs went down. Later on Matt Mullenwag added :

“an unscheduled change to a core router by one of our datacenter providers messed up our network in a way we haven’t experienced before, and broke the site.”

Meanwhile if you are not aware of Wordpress.com you should read my post on What are the limitations of free Wordpress blog.

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