SEO: How to Index your Website Within 24 hours in Search Engine

Recently I worked on Two websites, one for my client and one for myself. Challenge was to put the website in search engine within 24 hours. This is not an easy task but not tough too. A proper strategy will help you to put the website in search engine within 24 hours or may be couple of hours.

Here is the synopsis of strategy which I used to put both the website in search engine within 24 hours. Apart from inpage SEO optimization like meta tags, meta keywords, meta description, robots.txt, sitemap main strategy was put the website in search engine in few hours.

First thing which one should do is write first post on your blog.  You might not add content, but a strong title like Welcome to Blogname will be helpful.

Submission to Blog networks :

blogengage thumb

We talk about blog directories and blog networks and most of SEO expert they were the things of the past, but it’s not that true. Even today it works. But like old time, you should not submit your blog to every blog network or blog directories. Instead submit your blog to selected blog network and directories. Avoid link exchange blog directories!.  Here are 2-3 Blog directories/network Which I prefer and suggest to my readers :

Technorati :

Technorati is no more a popular blog directory but still its one of the powerful one. Submit your blog to Technorati and verify your ownership.


Mybloglog is blog network from yahoo and you can quickly submit you blog into it.


This is one of my favorite because this blog network drive lots of traffic and link back to my blog always.

Sitemap Submission :

Sitemap is created to help search engine crawler to effectively crawl your blog. Make sure you have created your or client sitemap. Now submit sitemap to Google/ Bing/ Yahoo / Ask and popular search engine you can think of.

Commenting Dofollow/Comment luv

Since it was a paid job and more of a challenge for me to accomplish. I added almost 30+ comments for both the blog on comment luv blog. I didn’t checked for dofollow or nofollow attribute. But what I did was, commented on popular and high traffic blogs. This confirmed that search engine bots will follow the comment link and will land into my blog and that’s what happened.

Popular website Stats program :

This idea I got from problogger post. Ades suggested to check your blog using popular stats program and I did the same. Though till now I don’t see that search engine picked those blog using stats website but many  time I have seen such programs are very effective for getting result on Google. Here are few of the stats program mentioned in that post and I will suggest you to check the stats :

Such Website stats website are endless, if you have more on the list, do add using comment box.

Social Bookmarking submission :

This is another method which is very effective. Though somehow within 4 hour my website was in search engine and I didn’t had to go for submission. In case even if I had to, I would have gone for Mixx, Digg and delicious.

Guest posting:

If you budget is high or you have patience, prepare 5-10 quality posts and ask your fellow blogger on the same niche to publish on their blog as guest author and enjoy the backlink. If you doing it for a client, buy 5-10 articles and do the same. Along with backlink it will also help to get some traffic for your blog. Try to guest post on popular , high page rank and regularly updated website.

Ping Services:

ping services thumb

Ping services are another one great effective way to notify search engine for your existence. Pingomatic is one such tool which you can use to notify multiple service at once. Though Wordpress has default feature to ping services, but giving it a shot for the first time won’t hurt.

And here is the result with in 4 hours :

blogger affiliate thumb

Don’t mind the meta title. As I was doing all this just for testing purpose and this is my website, so I didn’t added meta title.

There are more to it, but that will make this post lengthy and boring. Meanwhile I will  love to hear your feedback about this post and any tactics you would like to append into the post?

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