How much you Should charge for Paid reviews?

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Last time we talked about Paid reviews good bad or ugly, and many bloggers including me keep getting email for paid reviews. When I started blogging, I used to get lots of request for review software’s, Product, websites and ebooks.

Initially I was not aware of the face that Should I do a paid review or not, because for me it was easy money. And I never bothered to figure out the amount I should charge for that review and I ended up doing my first review for 25$ only. Honestly, that is the minimum anyone could charge from a page rank 3 websites.

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I have been asked from many blogger friends about how much they should charge for a product review and it’s impossible for me or for any one to give you exact amount, but I can give you few points which will help you to determine the charges for paid review.

Reason for Review

First determine the reason for Review, if Review is done only for anchor text with linkback, you can charge more in that scenario. If Reason for review is branding and traffic, you can be lenient in terms of charges here.

Kind of Product

Again as I stated in my earlier post, you should review only quality product, but again you can categorize those quality product in terms of relativity to your niche blog. It has two sides, if the product is exact similar to your niche, you can charge more , since it’s going to give them more lead, sales or traffic. Else you can charge less, if you feel that reviewing that product wont help him much, better charge him less than the earlier case. In this case you also need to consider Point 1, i.e Reason for Product review.

No. of Leads

Suppose you reviewing any webhosting review company and if you drive a good number of traffic to them, that means any single sale will generate atleast 50$ for them. Now do a rough count, do consider long term in this case, since that post is going to be forever. More over that Webhosting review site is getting prominent linkback from a page rank website in similar niche. In that case you can start minimum from 300-400$ to any extent, depending on your website popularity and readership.

Last but not the least, I won’t say this is the perfect system to determine the price of any review post, but I’m sure this will help those people who are new to Paid review system.

Do let us know How do you decide the price of any paid review?

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