Google Buzz Replaced Auto Follow with Friends Suggestion Feature

Google buzz was some how launched in real hurry and now Google is trying to address issue related to Google buzz. One of the major issue with Google buzz is privacy issue. Google automatically add your frequently interacted friend into your Google buzz account and this is annoying at times. Because you will be seeing updates from your ex partner, ex girlfriend , with whom you interacted months back.

To resolve this issue, today Google replaced the auto-follow feature with Friends suggestion feature, in which you will be suggested friends to follow on buzz.

google buzz auto follow thumb

In the official announcement Google team added :

starting this week, instead of an auto-follow model in which Buzz automatically sets you up to follow the people you email and chat with most, we’re moving to an auto-suggest model. You won’t be set up to follow anyone until you have reviewed the suggestions and clicked “Follow selected people and start using Buzz.”

Do let us know what do you like the most about the Google buzz.

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