Pay To Get To The Front Page Of Digg : What the Hell ?

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I recently stumbled across a page from John Chow , which told about Paying For Diggs. I just became curious and searched Googled for it , and i got about 3 sites that guarantee you to get to the first page of Digg . Here are they :

1. User/Submitter : This was the one listed in John Chow . Not only this the "User" gets paid for Digg stories ( 50 cents for 3 stories ) while the " Submitter " has to pay $20 + $1 for every Digg his article gets.

2.SocialElves : This one seems relatively new and expensive of others . Costs only $300 to get to the Front Page ! LOL!!

3. Subvert And Profit : Apart from Digg, this also has Newsvine, StumbleUpon , Youtube and ILiken and a Referral Program .Requires you to install a Toolbar for Firefox and pays you some 75 cents per 5 or 6 stories.

So the question comes , is this against TOS of Digg ?

Yes it is ! I mean it strictly prohibits buying of Diggs .Some users of User/Submitter got there accounts banned by Digg too .

What should Digg do ?

I found some nice answers to this questions here . Have a look at it.

Though it might seem easy money for many Digg users but remember that the Front Page of Digg will be full of spam if users start using these services.