1 TERABYTE of FREE Online Storage : Oosah

If you have a Gmail account, you must be knowing that Gmail offers about 7 Gigs of mail storage. Want More ? Well try Oosah - though its not a email provider , but it provides HUGE online storage- 1 Terabyte ( for those who dont know, 1 TB =1024 gigs..whooooo!!!).
And moreover , its free!

What's Oosah ?
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" Oosah is a Web-based digital media content hosting and management system. Oosah provides individuals and businesses with an all-in-one service for uploading, hosting, managing and sharing their digital media assets. "

Features :

  • 1 TB of free online storage
  • Can upload files and make them public
  • Very Easy To use
  • Has an Android and Iphone edition !
So if you want huge space for your files, Oosah is quite good!