Easily Manage Your Flooded Outlook Mailbox with Xobni .

After blogging here for about 2 months, i left this blog because it was not generating appropiate revenue for me.But wait, nothing is easy guys.I have changed myself .This time i will try more harder to get some visitors. So i have decided to write something on this blog, after a break of about a month. Hope to get some Adsense clicks this time!

OK so lets get started!

Whats Xobni ?

Xobni,Outlook Plugin,free download
Xobni is the Outlook plug-in that saves you time finding email conversations, contacts and attachments. Its " the Outlook plug-in that helps you organize your flooded inbox."

Xobni lets you find your important emails at a lightening speed.Not only this, it also extracts Contact numbers from the emails, therefore never letting you to read to whole email again for that number.And if you have Skype installed on you computer, you just have to click Call. It also provides you with detailed stats on how you use your email by giving detailed graphs.
After a quick install, you'll see the new Xobni toolbar appear in Outlook - and suddenly information will become much easier to find. When a new email arrives, the sender's full communication history appears in the Xobni sidebar, including past conversations, attachments and contact details


Unlike many other Outlook add-ons, Xobni seems to add its functionality without dragging down Outlook's performance, or worse, crashing it. It's useful and it doesn't get in the way. Moreover its completely free! While initially it may seem that these feature are more fun oriented than of any real use once you get used to it you start seeing the true power of Xobni. There's no reason not to try it.

Download Here!