How to make old Firefox addons to work with Firefox 3?

Yesterday i posted about 6 blogging related addons to make blogging easier.In that one of the addons was Smart Digg button which lets you know that the article you are reading has been digged or not.Though it was not compatible with Firefox 3.So i decided to write this post.To make a addon compatible with Firefox 3:

1.First download the .xpi file.For example,to download Smart Digg button:

  • Now click on :See All Version of the addon
  • Download the latest version of that addon

Download the extension

2.Now comes the main part.Download Winrar(This one is trial...But we will need it for just few minutes).

3.Now open the Downloaded addon using WinRar.

Open with Winrar

Search for install.rdf and extract it to any folder.
Image Hosted by

Now open install.rdf with notepad and hunt for the selected lines:

Image Hosted by

In the above pic,i have changed em:maxVersion="2.0.*" to "3.0.1".2.0.* is the old version of Firefox.When you change it to current version of Firefox you are running( that is 3.0.1),it becomes compatible with Firefox 3!!

Now save install.rdf. Again open the .xpi file with Winrar and drag this modified install.rdf to it.Click Ok when a dialog box appears.Now exit Winrar.Open the .xpi file with Firefox and install the addon.

Its All Done!!!