6 Useful Blogging Related Firefox addons

Blogging has now become a part of many lives.Apart from writing posts,we also spend time promoting our blog and checking the money generated from blogging.if you have done this for some time,then you know how tiresome it is.So i decided to hunt for some making-blogging-easier Firefox extensions.Here's what i found:

1.ImageBot:ImageBot allows lets you upload your images to a free image hosting service (ImageShack or Photobucket).ImageBot lets you sort, filter, and make image galleries out of your images in a snap.

2.MoneyQuake:MoneyQuake is a powerful Firefox extension, which displays your real-time earning statistics from most popular advertisement systems like:
Google Adsense

You may easy choose system you work with from list and easy setup extension. After that information about today, yesterday and month income is available by one click for each account. Information appears near the status bar in one list.Clicks and impression statistics for each account is also available.


3.ShrinkThisLink Link Shrinker:Shrink links via ShrinkThisLink without even leaving the page you're on, using the ShrinkThisLink Link Shrinker FireFox extension. Choose from either a popup window or an unobtrusive box within the browser window to display ShrunkLinks.
The ShrinkThisLink Link Shrinker has several different ways to shrink links to the page you're on or links within that page, so you can choose which way you want to shrink links, and integrates with the My ShrunkLinks feature to help you keep track of links you've shrunk. It can even automatically copy the ShrunkLink to your clipboard!

4.Smart Digg Button(not comatible with Firefox 3):The Smart Digg Button lets you if the web page you are currently viewing has been submitted to Digg.If it has been submitted to Digg, it displays the current number of Diggs the page has. Pressing the button takes you to the submission.
If it has not been submitted, pressing it takes you to Digg's submission form where you can submit the page to Digg.

5.Shareaholic:Do you spend a whole lot of time looking at things on the Web, and end up finding piles of things that you want to share with other folks? Tired of copying and pasting endless URLs?
Shareaholic allows you to share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages quickly via a wide array of web 2.0 social websites without cluttering up your browser!Shareaholic currently supports: digg, del.icio.us, facebook, foxiewire, friendfeed, google bookmarks, google reader, healthranker, kaboodle, magnolia, mixx, myspace, pownce, reddit, simpy, stumbleupon, streakr, truemors, tumblr, twitter, ycombinator, bzzster, etc.

6.Twitzer:Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on Twitter.com. It also resolves TinyURL links to actual links.

Hope that these extensions actually make blogging easier for you!


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