Turn your computer into an internet TV|Download Miro to watch free internet video channels and play any video file.|

What is Miro?

Miro is a free application that turns your computer into an Internet TV video player. It is Available for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

system requirements

Windows: Windows XP, 128MB of RAM.

Mac: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher and QuickTime version 7 (which you should be able to get through Software Update).

Linux: 500Mhz CPU with a good video card, 1GHz without, 128MB RAM.


Miro is loaded with features.lets take a quick view:

Play Almost Anything
Forget about the format wars. Miro can play MPEG, QuickTime, AVI, H.264, Divx, Windows Media, Flash Video, and almost every other major video format.


Watch Fullscreen
Since Miro works so well for HD content, you'll find lots of video that looks beautiful in fullscreen on even the largest displays.


Video Playlists
Bring together your favorite videos into a playlist. You can drag them one by one or select a few and right-click to add to a playlist or odd create a new playlist that they will be added to.


Seamless BitTorrent
Miro can download individual BitTorrent files and torrents that are in feeds. When a video torrent is downloaded it will be in your channel and library ready to watch, just like any other video download.


Video RSS
Video RSS feeds are at the core of our vision for Internet TV. They provide a simple system that any publisher can use to distribute their content. Viewers can bring feeds from anywhere together into one place. Miro is compatible with more feeds than any other video app.

Set any channel to download new videos as soon as they are published. You can also tell channels to stop downloading new stuff if unwatched videos are piling up.


Open Source
Miro is free, open-source software (licensed under the GPL). Anyone is free to change the source code, contribute bug fixes and features, and make new versions.


Search Millions of Videos
Miro can search and download from the biggest video sites including YouTube, Yahoo!, Google Video, Blip, and more.


Post to Social Sites
Each video has links to post to Digg, Reddit, del.icio.us, and Video Bomb.


and many more!!!

And you know what you can download Tv Shows off it...FOR FREE!!

Head over to Cnet to learn more.

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With all these features,Miro is worth a download.


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