How to use ClearType on Windows Xp | How to use ClearType to enhance fonts on Windows Xp|

What Is Cleartype?
ClearType is a software technology developed by Microsoft that improves the readability of text on existing LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), such as laptop screens, Pocket PC screens and flat panel monitors. With ClearType font technology, the words on your computer screen look almost as sharp and clear as those printed on a piece of paper.

The Difference:

Without Cleartype:

Image Without ClearType

With ClearType:

Image With ClearType
Can You See The Difference?

How To enable it on Windows Xp?
Its Quite Simple.Try the following steps:

1. Right click on any empty area on your desktop.Now select "Properties"

2.Properties Dialog Box opens.Now click on "Appearance" tab.

3.Click on "Effects".Now from the drop down menu of :"Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" ,select Cleartype.
4.Click on "OK",then "apply" and again "OK".

Demonstrates how to enable Cleartype Font on Windows Xp