Make Your Xp Look Like Vista :Part 2

If You haven't Read The part One ,Please Click Here

There are many more things you can do to make your Xp Look Like Vista. Now Try The following :

1. First Of All,get a sidebar from Here.Then Follow these instructions to install it :

"Download and install WindowsSidebarInstall.exe. The installer will automatically installed in the Program Files folder, and then copy all the necessary files, DLLs and executables

After finished copying the files, installer will automatically execute Windows Vista Sidebar Compatibility Patch which will patch Sidebar.exe so that the executable which originated from Windows Vista can be ran in Windows XP. Click Start and then click on OK when prompted with message that process succeeded with file successfully patched. Installation of Windows XP Sidebar is done.

To run XP side bar, click on Start and then Run. Type in the either one of the following commands, depending on your installation directory, in the Run box:

C:\Program Files\Sidebar\sidebar.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe

Click OK or press Enter when done. XP sidebar will launch, open and display the side bar to the right side of the XP desktop"


2.Download the VISTA EXPLORER FROM HERE. The instructions are also provided

3.Change the Boot screen.I was surfing Through the Web about this and found this wonderful article.Please go for it and you can change your boot screen very easily.

4.Download Vistal so that you can get the Aero Glass style UI on Xp.

5.Download ShockAero,which is a Flip-3D effect simulator that you can use in Windows XP. Installing Shock Aero assigns the Alt-Tab command (which, unfortunately, is non-customizable) to initiate the Flip-3D effect mimicking the same effect that you have in Windows Vista. While doesn’t offer anything more than just that, a portable version makes it a worthwhile download.

So heres it!! I hope you like it .

So enjoy the VISTA LOOK!!


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